Color LCD Modul 128x128

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Art.Nr.: GLCDM-F-128X128
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Description: Created for the Sinister 7 Tutorial, this breakout board for the popular Nokia 6100 Knock-off color LCD has an improved backlight driver circuit (boosts to 7V) , plus we give you a tri-color status LED and 2 pushbuttons, all accessed through one 12-pin 0.1" spaced header. Slightly less versatile than the previous version yet slightly more functional, this breakout is set up for serial communication to the display.

This board comes with Nokia 6100 display attached and stand-offs as photographed.

Note: Pins 8 and 9 on the Nokia LCD connector will be connected with a solder bridge.

Pin connections:
+Vbat (backlight driver input)
3.3V (logic supply, regulated input)
Stat0 (Red status LED, low active)
Stat1 (Blue status LED, low active)
Stat2 (Green status LED, low active)
S2 (Pushbutton 2, low active)
S1 (Pushbutton 1, low active)

+Vbat and the 3.3V input can be driven from the same regulated 3.3V source, but the device will draw more current than if the +Vbat input was driven from a higher source voltage. For a given +Vbat input voltage, you can expect the current draw to be:

108mA @ 6V input
120mA @ 5V input
243mA @ 3.7V input (single Lipo cell)
324mA @ 3.3V input

Documents: mbed Example
Dimensions: 1.5"x2.5"


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