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Art.Nr.: RFM12B-868D

Hoperf’ RFM12B is a single chip, low power, multi-channel FSK
transceiver designed for use in applications requiring FCC or ETSI
conformance for unlicensed use in the 868MHz band.


  •     Fully integrated (low BOM, easy design-in)
  •     No alignment required in production
  •     Fast-settling, programmable, high-resolution PLL synthesizer
  •     Fast frequency-hopping capability
  •     High bit rate (up to 115.2 kbps in digital mode)
  •     Direct differential antenna input/output
  •     Integrated power amplifier
  •     Programmable TX frequency deviation (15 to 240 kHz)
  •     Programmable RX baseband bandwidth (67 to 400 kHz)
  •     Analog and digital RSSI outputs
  •     Automatic frequency control (AFC)
  •     Data quality detection (DQD)
  •     Internal data filtering and clock recovery
  •     RX synchron pattern recognition
  •     SPI compatible serial control interface
  •     Clock and reset signals for microcontroller
  •     16 bit RX Data FIFO
  •     Two 8 bit TX data registers
  •     Low power duty cycle mode
  •     Standard 10 MHz crystal reference
  •     Wake-up timer
  •     2.2 to 3.8 V supply voltage
  •     Low power consumption
  •     Low standby current (0.3µA)
  •     Supports very short packets (down to 3 bytes)
  •     Excellent temperature stability of the RF parameters

For more detailed information please visit the website: HOPE RF

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