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Art.Nr.: AT90USBKEY2

The AT90USBKEY is an evaluation kit for Atmel’s megaAVR® devices with USB. The AT90USBKEY is designed around Atmel’s AT90USB1287 microcontroller, offering full speed OTG Host and Device USB interface in addition to a broad set of general microcontroller peripherals and serial communication interfaces like TWI(Philips I2C compatible), SPI and UART.. The Evaluation kit implements a composite device consisting of a pointing device supporting the HID Mouse class, 16MB of mass storage based upon Atmel’s Dataflash® memory devices, and a generic HID implementation giving access to the AT90USBKEYs temperature sensor and LEDs. The firmware of the kit can easily be reprogrammed over the USB link, using the Device Firmware Update Class, and Atmel’s freely available development tools. Product Features:

  • AT90USB1287 USB2.0 Full Speed Device and OTG HOST
  • Composite device o HID Mouse o Mass storage
  • Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) bootloader for firmware re-programming
  • 4 + 1 ways joystick
  • 2 Bi-Color LEDs
  • Temperature sensor
  • Serial Data Flash
  • Access to microcontroller I/O ports on pin headers

What's in the Box

  • AT90USBKEY board
  • 9V Battery Cable
  • Mini-B plug to std-A plug ~1.5m USB2.0 cable
  • Mini-A plug to std-A receptacle OTG cable