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SCANALOGIC-2 EDU KIT (Educational kit) is a fun and educational kit allowing you to build a high performance logic analyzer at home! It’s an even lower cost equivalent to the SCANALOGIC-2 Logic Analyzer whose performances have been proved over the last 3 years. SCANALOGIC-2 EDU KIT is a 20 MHz, 256K Samples, 4 Channels logic analyzer that relies on a PC software (ScanaStudio) to visualise and analyze the captured signals.

So how does SCANALOGIC-2 Works?

One of the main objectives of this KIT is to show in a fun way how a logic analyzer works. When building/mounting a SCANALOGIC-2 EDU KIT, you will notice that there are 6 distinct blocks. Each one of those blocks is described below

Power supply block
Provides stable and filtered 3.6V for the SRAM (memory) ICs and for the buffer ICs.
USB signal conditioning block
Allows the matching between the USB signal levels and the micro controller’s 5V signals.
Clock Block
Provides a 20MHz clock for the operation of the micro controller and for the signal sampling. This clock is stable to +/- 50 PPM (Pulse Per Minute). The stability of this clock is very important as the precision of the whole logic analyzer depends on it.
MCU Block
The Micro controller block is by definition the heart of the device. It received the capture request from the host (PC) application, initializes the SRAM ICs, watches for trigger conditions and records the exact trigger position. It sends the captured samples to the host application for further analysis and visualization.
SRAM Block
The SRAM block holds the sampled data. There are 4 SRAMs and each one is dedicated to one channels: Each byte of data represents 8 consecutive samples, one for each bit. The main idea of the design is to to feed the samples directly into the SRAMs, without passing by the micro controller. This is the only way to achieve the maximum sampling frequency of 20 MHz.
This part is – by definition – used to isolate the outside world from the logic analyzer. However, in this design, it is also used to allow interfacing to a variety of logic levels, from 2V to 5V.

Scanalogic-2 EDU-KIT Features summary
As mentioned before, SCANALOGIC-2 EDU-KIT has the exact same specifications of the SCANALOGIC-2 PRO:

  • 20 Million samples per seconds
  • 4 channels that can be configured as input or output
  • 256K samples depth per channel, that is a total of 1M Byte of embedded memory.
  • Compatible with the ScanaStudio logic analyzer software
  • Protocol decoding (I2C, SPI, UART, 1-Wire, etc…)
  • Digital signals generation (PWM, FM, UART packets..)
  • Record and Playback feature

KIT content & mounting

Scanalogic-2 EDU KIT comes as a PCB with pre-soldered components like the micro controller, the quartz oscillator and the SRAMs. (basically all the difficult to solder, SMT components).

The rest of the components are to be soldered by the user (Resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc…).

An instructions sheet is provided to help you place each component at the right place.

In order to solder your logic analyzer kit, you will need a soldering iron and and some solder wire and very basic soldering skills.

The KIT also includes the gripper probes, with its user friendly color coding:

As soon as you finish mounting and soldering the components (which takes 10 to 20 minutes) you can plug in the probes and start using your brand new logic analyzer!

Note that the Scanalogic-2 EDU KIT does not come with a USB cable, but any standard mini-B type will do just fine.

Scanalogic edu-kit instructions (pdf | 571kb)
Download ScanaStudio latest release
Productvideo at YouTube
More Information can be found at IKALOGIC.com

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