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Saleae 8-Kanal Logikanalysator

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Art.Nr.: LOGIC08
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8 Channels
Logic has 8 inputs -- it can monitor 8 different digital signals at once. For many modern microcontroller-based designs, this is plenty.

Speedy 24MHz
Logic samples each channel at up to 24M times per second. A large fraction of practical, real world applications run at less than 10MHz, and Logic is ideal for these.

10 billion samples

Logic can save as many as 10B samples, letting you capture even the most elusive events. No more dealing with frustratingly small sample buffers.

Voltage range
Logic accepts voltages from -.5V to 5.25V, and has standard CMOS thresholds of .8V for logic low, 2.0V for logic high. Input impedance is approximately 1MΩ paralleled by 10pF.

We love well made tools. That’s why we make Logic’s case out of custom CNC machined aluminum and make sure its anodized surface is finished to perfection.

Logic’s inputs are protected against overvoltage conditions via current-limiting resistors and ultra-low-capacitance diode clamps. A resettable fuse protects the USB ground return line to augment the USB host’s existing protection.

Comes complete
Start debugging within 5 minutes of opening your new Logic; everything is included: An ultra-flexible 22AWG 64/40 wire harness, 9 high-quality micro-hook probes, a USB cable (2 meter mini-B to A), and a nice carrying case.

Further information can be found on manufacturers website, also you can download latest software version at

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